., is a design team of three different artists from MA Nose Studios, Inc., based in Los Angeles and Aspen, Colorado.  The collaborative, WKRPinc., is an acronym for the names of the members: Kurosh ValaNejad, Robert Brinker, and Pamela Joseph, who have worked together on various projects over the last ten years.  They have developed an exciting series of paintings, wallpaper and fabric designs.

Small collages of body parts are created using images from Mexican soft-core pornographic comic books.  The artworks are then digitally manipulated, as well as mirrored horizontally and vertically to become repeatable tiles.  These images have also been developed into large-scale oil paintings on canvas.

The wallpaper and fabrics reference the historic patterns of the Victorian era.  Viewed from a distance, the abstract configurations resemble intricate tendrils, variations of a Hermes scarf, or an exotic Persian carpet.  It isn't until close inspection that the entwined body parts are revealed.  The wallpaper and fabrics vary from the bold and colorful to subdued pastels.

In November of 2004, WKRPinc., completed several room-size installations of wallpaper and paintings at the Aspen Art Museum.  They included the wildly popular bathrooms in bright pink and green for the women's room, and vibrant blue and yellow patterned walls for the men's room.  A simultaneous installation of wallpaper, paintings and collages was also shown at the David Floria Gallery, Aspen, Colorado.

Painting and Wallpaper Installation, Aspen Art Museum
WKRPinc. - A Collaborative