The Hundred Headless Women Cutting Board Wall
Pyrography on wood
107 x 165 in.

"The Hundred Headless Women Cutting Board Wall," featured in the "Torture Room" of the "Sideshow of the Absurd" was exhibited at the Harvey/Meadows Gallery in Aspen, CO February 1 - March 6, 2014. Joseph was exhibited with internationally renowned artists James Surls and Richard Shaw.

Over the years Joseph has added additional pieces as the "Sideshow" and the wall continue to be exhibited. The images come from a wide variety of sources that the artist has collected for decades. They show women in perilous and dangerous situations, but the heroine is always smiling, and she always survives. The name pays homage to Max Ernst's brilliant book of collages and engravings, "The Hundred Headless Woman" from 1929.

Harvey/Meadows Gallery
517 East Hopkins
Aspen, CO 81611