May, 2021

My work is concerned with feminist critique and socio-political issues.  This is a world upside down, but rendered with a sense of humor and optimism. Throughout my career I have explored these conceits in drawings, paintings and sculptures and in the hybrids created by their overlapping techniques.

Masks and headdresses are powerful symbols in a wide variety of cultures and groups. By putting on a mask and becoming someone else, the participant enters a world exploring power, identity and gender.

In 2019 I began creating sculptures of mask/headdresses to explore the positive power and happiness of the carnival in our lives. Originally inspired by strong women personalities, I began to realize that these disguises have far greater significance than one gender or meaning. As our lives were over taken by the pandemic, the masks began to have an even greater significance of protection and resilience. My sculptures are an exploration of beauty as radical thought. In the context of the carnival, they are used to celebrate joy in life and special occasions.